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Blowing is a visual, innovative and poetic spectacle of dance, live music and multimedia interaction, aimed at all audiences of the Múcab Dans company. Múcab Dans.

Blowing is the new production of the Múcab Dans company, directed by Toni Mira. As in its previous shows, the company continues to use dance, live music and multimedia technology, languages that are part of its DNA.

CLICK to watch the video of BLOWING [Dance+Music+Multimedia for ALL AUDIENCES]


At this precise moment in the world there must be flying millions and millions of desires that want to come true. We ask for wishes in many different ways: blowing the candles on our birthday, watching a shooting star pass, blowing an eyelash, throwing a coin into a well or blowing a dandelion flower.
We want many things in many moments of our life, but ... where do these desires go? are they accomplish? Who makes them come true?

In Blowing we will live a trip of a small spore that has a mission, to fulfill the desire of Yuri. A trip through the wind, full of adventures and situations in which we will find answers to all these questions ... or not!

A visual, poetic and innovative show, where dance, live music and technology will invite us to fly through a fantastic, magical and absurd world.

Artistic Cast

Dramaturgy: Múcab Dans and Toni Mira
Artistic direction: Toni Mira
Choreography:Toni Mira, Irina Martínez and Guille Vidal-Ribas
Musical composition: Dani Campos
Illustrator: Albert Arrayás

Dancers: Irina Martínez and Guille Vidal-Ribas
Musician: Joan Laporta

Lighting design: Quico Gutiérrez
Set design: Santi Cabús
Interactive design: Antonio Vera
Video design: Francesc Isern
Costumes: Elisa Echagaray
Photography: Maria Jou
Technical boss: Ramsés Moraleda

In collaboration with: Fabra i Coats, fàbrica de creació, Can Gasol de Mataró, Espai Maragall de Gava, SAT! Teatre de Barcelona, Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya