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  • Bombolles de paper
  • Bombolles de paper
  • Bombolles de paper
  • Bombolles de paper
  • Bombolles de paper
  • Bombolles de paper

Paper bubbles

Best Young Audience Show Award - Feria de Teatro de Castilla-León Ciudad Rodrigo 2014

Paper bubbles is an interactive and participatory show of dance, live music and multimedia interaction, directed to the young audiences by Múcab Dans company.

Paper bubbles is a show that combines dance, music and multimedia interaction; a visual and plastic proposal that plays from the imagination of a childs (and the adults) transporting them to a place where everything is possible.. A journey through a fantasy world filled with bubbles of soap, of paper, digitals, balloons, shadows, with black light,..

A dynamic and magical show where, young and old, can’t look off the stage and where they will be actively involved at the end traveling to Bombàlia..

CLICK to wacth PAPER BUBBLES [Dance+Music+Multimedia for YOUNG AUDIENCES]


Roger is a musician, trumpeter, he is in love with bubbles and round things, for that is why his house is all round. Roger spends night and day trying to unite their passions, the trumpet and the bubbles, for that he wants do bubbles with the trumpet, but he does not succeed.

One day, in the middle of a dream comes to Bombalia, the country of the bubbles. There he meets the Bumbú, a naughty fairy who lives in Bombalia with bubbles of all kinds. The Bumbú, like all the bubbles, communicates through movement, without words.

The Bumbú, seeing that Roger didn’t get the bubbles with his trumpet, in the real world, comes from Bombalia to help him to achieve his goal. Bumbú, curious with humans, always watching them, and when they are sad, they lose hope, imagination or movement, she comes back to recuperate their the desire to play, laugh, imagine and dance...


Authors: Múcab Dans company
Direction: David Pintó
Coreography/dancer: Irina Martínez
Production/musician: Joan Laporta
Interactive programmers: Marco Domenichetti and Joan Laporta
Processing programmer: Marta Verde
Lighting design: Bernat Llunell
Customes: Elisa Echegaray
Set design: Santi Cabús

with the collaboration of: Centre Cultural de Vilanova del Vallès and Cultura en Viu (UAB)